July 25, 2007

Upcoming Jacksonville Web Development Events

By Carl Smith

Refresh Jacksonville - Ruby on Rails
Chad Bearden presenting on Rails at a past Refresh (left) and Alan Doucette of JaxPHP (right of Chad). They will be giving talks on regular expressions and Google Apps, respectively.

There are two cool web development related events happening in Jacksonville in the next few weeks. Refresh Jacksonville talks regular expressions and JaxPHP gives an intro to Google Apps.

Tomorrow, Thursday July 26th, Refresh Jacksonville will discuss the topic of Regular Expressions. Chad Bearden, a noted poet and song writer, will share his Regular Expression knowledge on a grand scale. Here is a snippet from the Refresh Jacksonville site:

Find and replace tricky stuff in your css, html, code, underwear, and mp3 collection. Learn the basics of REs to go from noob to neophyte. Tantalize friends and spouses (spice?) with your incredible powers. Find what has been at-large under the chaise lounge.

On Tuesday, August 7 JaxPHP will host an introduction to Google Apps. Alan Doucette, JaxPHP organizer, will review how to get Gapps set up for your domain, what currently works and what doesn’t, and some tips and tricks for some of the services. If you plan on attending this event please join the JaxPHP Meetup group and RSVP.

Refresh Jacksonville – Regular Expressions
July 26th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
1803 Hendricks Avenue (32207)
Get directions

JaxPHP – Google Apps Intro
August 7th 6:30pm
Jacksonville Public Library – Southeast Branch
10599 Deerwood Park Blvd. (32256)
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