April 29, 2011

Round 3 Elimination - Webbie Madness Secret Identities Revealed

By Carl Smith

It’s time to celebrate the 8 contestants who won’t be advancing to Round 4 of Webbie Madness. These kids are pretty freaking awesome!

  • Alex Morris (aka Starbuck)
    • @aexmo
    • http://www.markboultondesign.co.uk
    • Helped design & pull together the fantastic 24ways annual
    • Contributed & helped with design on Andy Clarke’s Hardboiled Web Design Book
    • Working to help change the paradigm of content management for the better
    • Designed & released Spelly Mobile
    • Designed & released iPhone app for the UK’s national health service
  • Brian Hoff (aka Iron Man)
    • @behoff
    • http://www.thedesigncubicle.com
    • Created & run The Design Cubicle
    • Speak at design conferences around the world & at local colleges & events
    • Have written & been featured in HOW Magazine, IA Insider & Smashing Magazine
    • Answer all emails about work, critiques on work, interview requests, etc.
    • Started the meetup group, DesignHerds, in Philadelphia
  • Christopher Schmitt (aka Dr. Doom)
    • @teleject
    • http://ChristopherSchmitt.com
    • Wrote CSS Cookbook
    • Wrote Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites
    • Write articles for New Architect Magazine, A List Apart, Digital Web, and Web Reference
    • Producer of numerous web design conferences
    • Promoter of standards-based design in web browsers & in our development workflows
  • David Kaneda (aka Merlin)
    • @davidKaneda
    • http://9-bits.com
    • Created jQTouch
    • Worked on Sencha Touch
    • Maintained WebKitBits
    • Creative director at Sencha
  • Jesse James Garrett (aka James T. Kirk)
    • @jjg
    • http://www.jjg.net
    • Wrote The Elements of User Experience
    • Created Visual Vocabulary: first standard for diagramming user interaction flows
    • Ajax: defined the approach & gave it a name
    • Co-founded Adaptive Path
  • Mike Davidson (aka Darth Vader)
    • @mikeindustries
    • http://www.mikeindustries.com/blog
    • Invented sIFR
    • Led the 2003 redesign of espn.com
    • Designed & created Newsvine
    • Bitchslapped John McCain for using hosted images of mine
    • Created A House By The Park, Five.Sentenc.es & leaners.tumblr.com
  • Nathan Smith (aka Mario)
    • @nathansmith
    • http://sonspring.com
    • Created the 960 Grid System
    • Created Formalize
    • Contributed to jQuery Cookbook
    • Founded Godbit
    • Have presented at more than a dozen web industry events
  • Wilson Miner (aka Wolverine)
    • @wilsonminer
    • http://www.wilsonminer.com
    • Encourage the hybrid designer/developer role
    • Championed larger text sizes on the web for readability
    • Helped Django set the precedent for web development frameworks
    • Contributed to the adaptation of tried & true typographic techniques from print
    • Shared a practical technique for data visualization based on accessible HTML & CSS


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